Dr. Pamela Wigle Bio

Dr. Pamela Wigle grew up in Dryden Ontario, where her parents and siblings still reside.  Dr. Wigle has lived in London Ontario for nearly 20 years and now considers London her home where she is raising her two children Wyatt and Georja along with her 3 Bernadoodles Jagger, Arlo & Hazel and her Bengal cats Ryder and Rosie.  Over the years Dr. Wigle has been fortunate to meet and provide care for many patients in the London community, she feels very lucky for her past opportunities and the relationships that have been established.

Dr. Pamela Wigle practices general family dentistry where it is her goal to provide a caring “stress and pain free” environment where the needs of the patients dental health are met and consistent comprehensive care is the primary goal.  The practice offers a variety of dental services. Dr. Wigle has much experience in restorative dentistry including bonded fillings, crown and bridge prosthodontics and aesthetic dentistry such as veneers. Treating children is a passion of Dr. Wigle’s, it takes patience and building trust to ensure we set children up for success as adult patients later in life.
The practice focuses on complete comprehensive family dentistry where the services range from restorative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, root canal therapy, extractions, dentures, bleaching, minimal sedation options and much much more.  Dr. Wigle has established long standing relationships with London dental specialists in the areas of orthodontics, implant surgery, root canal therapy and surgery when the circumstances present more complicated.

“I feel very blessed for the opportunities I have had personally and professionally.  I am lucky that many of my friends started as patients and the confidence and trust they bestow on me never fails to surprise me”  Dr. Pamela Wigle

“I have worked with amazing dental support staff and dentists over my years.  The support and guidance they have provided has allowed me the skills and confidence to start my own family dental practice that focuses on patient’s individual dental care needs.  I believe dentistry needs to find its way back to consistency of care where patients are provided with all information and treatment options before making decisions about what works best for their personal dental needs and where patients form trusting relationships with their providers”  Dr. Pamela Wigle


Dr. Wigle began her love of dentistry as a dental assistant studying at Fanshawe College

Dr. Pamela Wigle or Dr. Pam as her “kiddie” patients call her, is a family dentist practicing in the heart of downtown London Ontario. The practice is centrally located at 366 Oxford Street E. near the Waterloo St. intersection. Dr. Pam has been practicing in London Ontario since graduating from Western University Dental School in 2006. Dr. Wigle began her love of dentistry as a dental assistant studying at Fanshawe college, graduating in 1998. Knowing dentistry was her passion, Dr. Pam furthered her studies at Western, graduating with a BSc degree (gold medal) and DDS degree (with distinction).