Unlike fillings or crowns that are bonded to the tooth, dental implants are surgically implanted into the jawbone below the gum line. Implants replace missing teeth by supporting single crowns or may support fixed or removable prosthesis such as bridges or dentures. After the implant is placed there is a healing time called ossteointegration, where the bone grows and integrates to the implant surface for support. Following that healing time of approximately 2-3 months an artificial natural looking tooth crown or bridge or removable denture prosthesis is attached to it. Implant dentistry provides an alternative to tooth replacement by a conventional bridge or partial denture. Implants can also provide great support of complete or partial dentures. dr. pamela wigle Children & Kids Dentist , family dentistry by london works closely with prosthodontic specialists and oral surgeons in the community for implant placement, while restoring in the comfort of your family dental clinic or in collaboration with a denturist.